For beginners, it is hard to visualise what is pilates is all about. It is something I cannot understand at first. It’s not just a fancy word that sounds like pasta; it’s a fantastic mind-body workout created by Joseph Pilates himself. Pilates aims to improve your flexibility, build strength, and enhance overall body awareness. You can think of it like a mix of everything. Yoga, gym and strengthening exercise you may i come across. 

These are some tips that can make your Pilates journey a pleasant and fruitful one.

Find the Right Pilates Class or Instructor: Just like finding the perfect slice of pizza, finding the right Pilates class or instructor is essential. Look for a certified instructor who creates a welcoming and supportive environment. They’ll guide you through the movements and ensure you’re doing them correctly, preventing any Pilates faux pas.

Start with a Beginner-Friendly Routine:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your Pilates prowess. Begin with a beginner-friendly routine that focuses on the fundamentals. These routines often include exercises like the Pilates Hundred, the Roll-Up, and the Bridge. Take it slow, be patient, and trust me, you’ll be twisting and turning like a pro in no time.

Mind Your Posture: 

Picture this – you’re standing like a majestic tree, shoulders back, core engaged, and a smile on your face. Good posture is key in Pilates. It helps you engage the right muscles and maximize the benefits of each movement. So, stand tall, my friend, and reap the rewards of proper alignment.

Breathe Deeply and Mindfully:

Inhale, exhale. Breathing is more than just a way to stay alive; it plays a crucial role in Pilates too. Deep, controlled breathing not only oxygenates your body but also helps you connect with your movements. So, take a moment to breathe deeply and let that oxygen fuel your Pilates adventure.

Listen to Your Body:

Remember, you’re the boss of your body. You know yourself best, feel your body with each exercise, if you don’t feel is right somewhere, stop what you are doing and adjust yourself. This will prevent any unwanted injuries.

Consistency is Key:

With everything you do, you must do it consistently to see result. You need to set aside time for you to practice pilates. Make it you weekly routine or a important part of your lift. The more you practice, you will see improvement in your body, be in strength, flexibility or overall.

Have fun while exercising: 

It is not just a work out. It is enjoying your session with improvement. Movement is medicine, you should enjoy moving your body. Dance through those exercises, have fun with your newfound flexibility, and enjoy the journey.


Taking your first step in this journey is important. Remember, be patient, breathe deeply, and above all, have fun! Pilates is all about connecting with your body and enjoying the process. Now, come to Piladay Studio at Holland Village, roll out that mat, and let’s get your Pilates groove on!


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