Late Policy

Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins to check in. We will not be able to extend the class should you arrive late.


Please help to clean all machines down with the provided disinfectant after every class.


Athletic and form-fitting clothes are encouraged especially for your first class with us as this will help our instructors with analyzing your body structure during our body analysis. Please also bring grip socks along for your class for hygiene and safety purposes. We sell grip socks at our studio if you require them for class.


Each class is 55 minutes.

How to book a class

Please drop us a WhatsApp or give us a call to book a class.

Should I go for a solo or duet class

We strongly recommend solo classes for customers who have specific body concerns. Especially if you are prenatal or postnatal, have any prior injuries, body conditions or surgeries which affect your mobility and if you are using Pilates for rehabilitation. If you have certain body goals, solo classes will help you to obtain them quicker as our instructors will tailor a program specifically for you. If you opt for a duet class, it is preferable that both parties are of similar fitness level so that both parties can fully optimize the benefits of Pilates.

Age limits

As we offer children Pilates, anyone above 8 years of age are welcome to come for our classes. Children Pilates can help with body alignment and adopting proper posture from a young age. There is no maximum age when it comes to Pilates with us. In fact, many of our clients are middle-aged or older. As Pilates can be used for many purposes, it is even more important in our golden years as more body problems arise.

How to cancel a class

Please drop us a WhatsApp or email in to hello@piladaystudios.com.

Your first class with us

Please fill up our client registration form here prior to arriving and let your instructor know of any existing body conditions prior to class. Please arrive early for your class as your assigned instructor will conduct a body analysis and workout a program tailored to your body and goals.

How many times a week should I go for class

It is recommended to come for class at least 2 to 3 times a week for best results. Consistency is encouraged!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours prior to the start of your class. Should cancellations be made within 12 hours from the start of your class, it will be considered as a no show and a session will still be deducted from your package.

Refund of package

We do not offer refunds of trial classes or packages taken up at the moment.